Massage Chair Post Surgery

Floridian Brand Massage chair use may be a welcome addition to your post-surgery recovery regimen, along with medication, bed rest, and physical therapy.   In September 2016, the medical journal Pain Medicine reviewed sixteen different studies and concluded that massage therapy could efficiently and effectively reduce pain severity and anxiety in those who have undergone […]

Massage Chair Roller Basics

The roller assembly of your premium Floridian Brand massage chair is one of the most important things to understand. The rollers are the components that provide touch sensations like that of a human massage therapist.   Roller Track The first part of the roller assembly is the roller track which acts like a railroad track. […]

Food and Drink Before and After Massage Therapy

Food has a significant impact on our physical and mental health. We can choose foods purely for taste, and we can choose foods that positively impact health. That said, we can also choose foods that complement a massage.   In previous articles, we have discussed at length how a massage chair can bring great improvement […]

Are Airbag Compression Massages Beneficial?

Those with a premium Floridian Brand massage chair in their home are aware of the convenience and comfort they provide – in an in-home setting. As the technologies behind massage evolve, so do the massage chairs themselves, offering more features that produce different types of massage, along with massages that perfectly mimic those given by […]

Why You Should Eat Lightly Before Massage Chair Usage

After a long day at work or after an intensive workout, having an in-home massage therapy session in your Floridian Brand massage chair can be both calming and relaxing. This article is about eating lightly before a massage session to keep things enjoyable, digestively speaking.   Many massage experts agree that consuming a minimal amount […]

The Medical Benefits of Foot Massage

Did you know that foot massage is more than a means of relaxation? There is a comprehensive list of medical conditions that can be aided by foot massage therapy.   First, let’s cover Foot Reflexology or the method of applying pressure to a person’s feet to affect a physical change to the body. This practice […]

How Does a Floridian Brand Massage Chair Help You After a Hard Workout?

You may be wondering why you need a massage after working out. After all, isn’t exercise enough to keep you healthy and happy? It’s a well-known fact that daily exercise is essential for keeping the body in tip-top shape. Whether you like to run for miles or do a million burpees at the gym, you’re […]

Important Things to Do Before & After A Massage Chair Session

Massage therapy is known for its countless wondrous effects on your body and mind. When stressed and tired from work, using a massage chair helps you relax, rejuvenate, and replenish your energy. If you’re suffering from muscle knots and body pains, it can alleviate the cause.    When it comes to getting a massage, you […]

How Massage Chairs Help With Diabetes

Regular massage not only relaxes the muscles and calms the mind, but it also offers a variety of benefits for people suffering from physical and mental ailments. Specifically, massage therapy has been known to benefit those diagnosed with diabetes in a few key areas: It has been shown to alleviate diabetic-related pain and discomfort. It […]

What Is a Massage Chair Body Scan?

Are you in the market for a massage chair with the best design, features, and technology? If you’ve already done a little research, you know that the best full-body massage chairs are powered in part by body scanning technology.   Massage chairs with full-body scanning technology are designed to give you a precise and targeted massage. That […]