Massage Chair: Self-Assembly or Professional White Glove Delivery

Assembling your own Floridian Brand massage chair can be appealing for various reasons, including the satisfaction of a hands-on experience, the flexibility to customize the assembly process according to personal preferences, and the potential cost savings associated with self-assembly.


On the other hand, opting for white glove delivery is preferred by many for various reasons, including the convenience of having experts handle the assembly and placement of the furniture, the assurance of a professional setup in the desired room without personal effort, and the time-saving convenience for those with busy schedules.


Floridian Brand can accommodate the delivery and installation method of your choice, whether for self-assembly or assembly through our certified delivery team.

Indeed, Floridian Brand has simplified the self-assembly process for you with:

  • Pre-assembled components
  • User-friendly manuals
  • Step-by-step tutorial videos
  • Unparalleled phone support


Keep in mind that self-installation usually takes only 20 to 30 minutes for assembly, and it’s advisable to have a friend or family member assist you to expedite the process. Also, considering the chair’s weight – around 250 lbs. assembled – a two-person team is recommended for this task.


Every Floridian Brand massage chair has rear casters, allowing for easy relocation. To move the massage chair:

  • Ensure the Floridian Brand Massage chair is powered off and has returned to the default seat position.
  • Ensure the power cord is unplugged and securely out of the moving path.
  • Pivot the Massage Chair on the rear casters.
  • Carefully move the Massage Chair to the alternate location.


For added convenience, if self-assembly proves challenging, our white glove delivery service is available for an extra fee, ensuring professional assembly in the room of your choice.


As mentioned earlier in the article, many find the white glove installation option preferential. They find white glove delivery beneficial for many reasons. Firstly, it ensures a hassle-free experience as professionals handle the entire delivery process, from transportation to assembly, sparing you the effort. Additionally, it guarantees a high level of expertise in setting up complex items such as massage chairs, hence minimizing the risk of assembly errors.


Floridian Brand’s white glove delivery assistance includes the following convenient services:

  • Place the Floridian Brand Premium Massage Chair in the specific room of your choice, saving you the trouble of moving heavy furniture.
  • Complete Certified Expert Massage Chair assembly, saving you the trouble of managing another project.
  • Removal of Massage Chair Freight/Packaging. We take our mess with us, eliminating any post-delivery clutter.
  • Complete User Training. Our delivery experts are also product experts and are ready to train you and your family on the various features of your Floridian Brand Premium Massage Chair.


Overall, white glove delivery provides convenience, efficiency, and a seamless, stress-free experience for the recipient.


In conclusion, there are two different delivery paths that one may take with a Floridian Brand premium massage chair. Those paths are self-assembly and white glove delivery (assisted assembly).


Opting for self-assembly means receiving your Floridian Brand Massage Chair unassembled at your doorstep. Each chair comes with clear and concise usage and assembly instructions, and if needed, expert technical support from Floridian Brand is just a phone call away.

Opting for white glove delivery ensures a premium customer experience. With white glove delivery, professionals can handle the entire delivery process with meticulous care and attention.


Regardless of your chosen delivery method, Floridian Brand ensures exceptional phone support and stands out as the sole massage chair manufacturer with service centers based in Florida.


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