Things to Consider When Evaluating Massage Chairs

Whether buying a massage chair online or in person, there are several essential factors to consider in order to ensure that you make an informed decision. This guide will help you choose the best chair to suit your needs and preferences. Here are some key aspects to look at:


Massage Techniques and Programs

Check the variety and types of massage techniques the chair offers, such as kneading, rolling, tapping, Shiatsu, and others. Look for chairs with multiple pre-programmed massage options that target different areas of your body. Whether you are considering a 2D or a 4D model, each Floridian Brand massage has a rich feature set that performs different styles of massage.


Customization Options

A good massage chair should allow you to customize the intensity, speed, and focus of the massage. The ability to adjust settings will ensure that you get a massage tailored to your specific preferences and comfort levels. Floridian Brand 4D models, such as the Massage Expert 4D+ and the Origin 4D+ allow the user to control the speed and intensity of the rollers.


Massage Coverage and Range

Consider the coverage area of the massage rollers or airbags. A chair with wider coverage will offer a more comprehensive massage experience, reaching more parts of your body.


Comfort and Design

We cannot stress enough that you should sit in the chair and evaluate its comfort. Check the padding, headrest, and armrests to ensure they provide adequate support and cushioning. Also, consider the chair’s design and how well it fits into your living space.


User-Friendly Controls

The chair’s controls should be easy to understand and operate. A user-friendly interface will make it simpler to adjust settings and switch between massage programs. Each Floridian Brand model is equipped with a user-friendly remote control that was designed with the user in mind. Our more advanced models feature a 7” touchscreen remote for greater visibility into the massage you are customizing.


Durability and Build Quality

Research the brand and read customer reviews to assess the chair’s durability and overall build quality. A well-built chair should withstand regular use and last for years. Floridian Brand premium massage chairs are designed for heavy usage, and they are designed to last longer than ten years.


Heat Therapy

Some massage chairs offer heat therapy, which can help relax muscles and enhance the massage experience. If this feature is important to you, ensure the chair has it. It is worth mentioning that each Floridian Brand Massage chair is equipped with a heat therapy feature.


Body Scanning Technology

Advanced massage chairs come with body scanning technology that customizes the massage based on your body’s unique shape and size. This feature optimizes the massage for your specific needs. All Floridian Brand massage chairs feature this body scanning technology to personalize each massage.


Space and Size

Consider the dimensions of the chair and make sure it fits well in your living space. Check the recline function to ensure it won’t hit the walls or other furniture. Visit the Floridian Brand website and click on a specific model to view the exact dimensions of any of our massage chairs.


Noise Level

Test the chair to assess its noise level during operation. A quiet massage chair can provide a more relaxing experience. Floridian Brand Massage Chairs are built with quiet in mind.


Warranty and Customer Support

Check the warranty coverage and customer support provided by the manufacturer. A good warranty will give you peace of mind in case of any issues with the chair. Each Floridian Brand Massage chair is backed with a 5-year manufacturer warranty to give you peace of mind.


Price and Value

Compare the features and price of the massage chair with others in the market to determine if it offers good value for your investment. By thoroughly evaluating these factors, you can find a massage chair that aligns with your preferences, provides the desired massage experience, and fits well into your lifestyle and budget. It’s also beneficial to try out the chair in person, whenever possible, to get a real feel for its comfort and massage capabilities.


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