Massage Chair vs. Hydromassage

Many have asked us about the differences between a massage from a Floridian Brand massage chair and a hydromassage device. This article will explore the key differences between the two.


Let’s first talk about how a massage chair works. Traditional massage chairs typically use massage rollers to deliver the massage, as research has proven rollers to have a therapeutic effect. There is much variation in the placement and layout of these rollers (2D, 3D, and 4D, as well as S-track, L-track, and S-L track), so it is essential to research the features before purchasing. Most massage chairs now feature an airbag system accompanying the massage rollers to deliver a compression massage.


Now, let’s talk about hydromassage. Hydromassage works by using warm water jets instead of rollers or airbags. If you have ever spent time in a hot tub, you can appreciate the soothing effect of the water jets. Hydromassage works similarly to a hot tub, albeit without getting wet. The water circulates within a thin but strong waterproof cover. As such, you can feel the light pressure from the water jets without being in the water. These devices can reuse the same water for quite a while to not run up your water bills like a hot tub or swimming pool would quickly do.


Hydromassage offers similar benefits as traditional massages. Benefits of hydromassage include improved mood and sense of relaxation, as well as increased circulation and pain relief. There are many types of hydromassage devices, with tables and chairs being the most common. A hydromassage table is almost the equivalent of a home masseuse in the level of convenience it provides. However, there are also many hand-held hydro massage devices for those whose needs are more minor.


Now let’s talk about the differences. In all, both Floridian Brand massage chairs and hydromassage devices can be highly effective. The smart bet is to research as many of them as possible before purchasing, keeping the pros and cons in mind.


Hydromassage products are more expensive, especially if you want a full-size table or one of the better chairs for your home. The technology involved here is simply a little more complex and has not been around as long. New things are typically more expensive, and hydromassage is no exception.


There are plenty of studies that have confirmed the benefits of general massage. However, the benefits tend to be more of a general sort – such as stress relief and relaxation. When you look for evidence regarding the benefits of hydromassage/hydrotherapy, you will find a lot more sources that deal with specific ailments. For instance, in one study, researchers explored the effects of hydromassage on muscle spasms. While it was not found to be a cure, it reduced the frequency and severity of attacks and the amount of medication needed.


In conclusion, the main differences are generalized versus specific usage. While traditional massage chairs are general-purpose tools to help with things like soreness and stress, hydromassage devices are generally used for something more precise. Hydro massage chairs are also a little more sophisticated in their design. Because their mechanisms are more complicated, it can lead to maintenance problems, but you can avoid this issue by purchasing a high-quality option with a lengthy warranty.


All in all, our expertise is with Floridian Brand massage chairs. We’re much more familiar with them, and our customers enjoy their chairs. Hydromassage is fascinating and appears to offer many benefits as well.


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