can you overuse a massage chair

A Floridian Brand premium massage chair may be the best in-home appliance to alleviate chronic pain and muscle ache, and a massage chair is worth every penny you pay for it. However, it is possible to overuse a massage chair. This raises questions like: how often should I use a massage chair? Can overuse cause injury?


The simple answer is that one can use a massage chair for a long time. However, overuse can cause injuries. Moreover, if a person has an existing injury, overuse can make the injury worse. In this case, one should avoid overusing a massage chair.


Overusing a massage chair can cause different injuries, like skin irritation and inflammation, especially if you already suffer from any injury. There are some common side effects that users may experience after the overuse of a massage chair. For example, the user may feel pain in some body areas and headaches. This is particularly common when a massage chair is used for deep tissue therapies. Moreover, overusing a massage chair can also lower blood sugar and fatigue after the massage.


The type of injury also depends on the type or model of the massage chair. Most massage chairs come with auto massage programs. Some auto massage programs can be too intense and cause injuries to some people. Therefore, you should monitor and adjust the intensity level while using the massage chair the first time. It will avoid unnecessary injuries.


Generally, one should only massage a body part for 15 to 20 minutes per use (few times a day). While using the massage chair the first time, even the lowest setting will feel too intense. You do not need to worry if you feel pain while using the massage chair. Once one gets used to the massage chair, one will also be comfortable with higher settings. However, massage with a lower level for the first time.


How Can Massage Chair Cause Skin Irritation?

While having the massage, the massage chair can rub the clothes against the skin, which can cause skin irritation. However, this is an uncommon reason for skin injuries.


In rare cases, users get skin irritated because of the clothes. The vibrating massage can also be a reason for skin irritation. It has been documented that the body naturally releases nitric oxide during a massage. In combination with vibration, this nitric oxide can also cause skin itching in some people. Because of the high vibration level, your body may develop muscle spasms. A muscle spasm is a sudden movement in one or more muscles.


Can a Massage Chair Cause Inflammation and Bruising?

A massage chair can cause inflammation and bruising if it is overused. An intense massage over an extended period may break blood capillaries in your skin, causing bruising. This is common. One may experience slight bruising after not having had a massage for some time.


When it comes to inflammation, it is a pervasive issue during a massage. According to the resources, a modest amount of inflammation is a sign of a successful massage. The massage improves our blood circulation with temporary inflammation. This temporary inflammation is because of the body’s healing response. But excessive inflammation can be dangerous. Massaging only one area for a long time may make you feel uncomfortable or painful. In addition, it will result in congestion of fluids. To reduce the inflammation, you can apply a cold compress to the area of inflammation for some minutes. It will help you reduce inflammation and drain excess fluids from the muscle tissues.


How Can I Know I am Overusing a Massage Chair?

Some believe that an extended massage will give an excellent massage. But your muscle will only get more relaxed if you massage your body briefly. So if you want maximum benefits, you should massage your body briefly and few times a day within intervals. It would be best if one used a massage chair like medicine. However, using a massage chair for a long time can hurt your muscles and the massage chair in the long term.


How Long Should You Sit in a Massage Chair?

To get the maximum benefits of your Floridian Brand massage chair, you should sit in a massage chair for short intervals of 15 minutes. Experts recommend avoiding skin injuries and inflammations. It would be best if one used a massage chair according to the guidelines provided by the manufacturers.


One can sit in a massage chair and take massage therapy twice or thrice daily. But make sure to take massage therapy only for 15 minutes at once. Also, doing some physical activities after every massage therapy would be best.


Our body releases some toxins while having massage therapy. Some physical activity will help you to remove those toxins after massage therapy. One should also drink water to remove the toxins after having the massage.


Final Verdict

Floridian Brand Massage Chairs are the best for relieving pain and relaxing the muscles. But overuse of any product is always harmful. Therefore, it would be best to make a schedule for using the massage chair.


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