Why are massage chairs so expensive?

Massage chairs have become a valuable, if not indispensable, investment for busy individuals with limited time to focus on personal health. While work and home duties may take the bulk of their time, they can use an in-home premium massage chair to provide quick relief during short breaks.


This is enough for some consumers to purchase the right massage chair. For others, however, the price intimidates them before they experience the benefits. If you’re one of the many budget-conscious consumers, you may wonder, “Why are massage chairs so expensive?” This article will break down some of the factors that contribute to a massage chair’s price tag.


Investment Into Research and Technology

Every manufacturer wants to deliver a product with unique features that capture the needs of their target audience. Some will argue that massage chairs are all the same. However, with a detailed comparison, you’ll discover features that set one massage chair apart from the rest.


Adding these specific features requires research and development, which can be expensive. These costs are inevitably added to the price of the final product so the company can recover its funds and reinvest them into further development.


Longevity and Support

Massage chair manufacturers acknowledge that their products are costly investments. However, they’ve designed these products to last for years, and their support assurance comes with their brand’s reputation.


For example, Floridian Brand offers a five-year warranty with each of its premium massage chairs. In addition, as Floridian Brand is a well-known massage chair manufacturer, buyers are assured that the manufacturer has service partners and spare parts available to help with any issues.


Advanced Features

Massage chairs are composed of electronic, digital, and mechanical components. How these parts work and what sets them apart from others in the market are the main factors that affect the price of a massage chair. Some of these features include:


Multiple Auto Programming Options

Most massage chair users will want the device ready for use right out of the box. Because of this, it is standard for professional massage chairs to include several auto-programming selections for relief with just a few presses on the controller.


Zero Gravity

Originally used to describe the state of weightlessness in space technology, the term is now well-known because furniture and equipment manufacturers use it to describe the reclined position that causes the least stress on the body.


Full Body Scanning

All Floridian Brand massage chairs employ full-body scanning technology to ensure you get the correct type of massage therapy. It will scan the body to determine the size and adjust the settings so that the rollers reach their target body parts. 


2D, 3D, and 4D Rollers

Many may need clarification on the terms 2D, 3D, and 4D to describe massage chair roller mechanisms.  Floridian Brand explains the differences in these technologies in this article. First, however, to explain briefly: 2D rollers move in vertical and horizontal directions. 3D rollers add depth to the movement. Considered the best among the options and justifiably more expensive, 4D rollers provide rhythm through alternating speeds to mimic that of human massage.


Floridian Brand is considered one of the top massage chair brands, deservingly so, with Floridian Brand Origin 4D Plus Premium Massage Chair. It features 4D S+L-track rollers, airbag kneading, and calf and foot rollers to give you a whole-body spa-quality massage in the comfort of your home.


Air Massage Technology

Massage chair airbags provide added compression, kneading, and rolling to your body. In addition, they give relief to the neck, arms, waist, and thighs. More expensive massage chairs sport an increased number of airbags.


Yoga Stretching

Some massage chairs use advanced airbag movements to compress and decompress your body, akin to doing yoga poses, as you are in a reclined position. This promotes better blood circulation, relief of tired muscles, and even better flexibility without the potential strain yoga can bring. But, of course, getting the same stretching benefits as yoga without actually doing it adds to the cost of your massage chair.


Space Saving Features

Available space at home or in the office is a common concern before getting an expensive massage chair. Floridian Brand understands this and responds with space-saving designs that fit smaller spaces. However, despite the smaller size profile, they still need to compromise on the advanced features users have come to expect from expensive massage chairs.


Benefits of Owning a Massage Chair

Given the many features massage chairs have, it’s easy to see how those features make massage chairs expensive. Let’s look at the benefits that having your home massage chair will provide.


Owning a Floridian Brand Massage Chair – Gets Rid of Waiting Time

Going to a massage spa or booking a massage therapist for home service requires you to wait for your slot. Sometimes, it can take hours. However, many will agree that these hours are better spent enjoying time with friends or catching up on some sleep.


With your very own professional massage chair, your massage therapist is available when you need it. A 15-minute massage can do wonders for your body as you try to get rid of the stresses from work and set the mood for evening relaxation.


Personalized Massage – When You Need It Most

A massage chair will give you a massage when you need it, and you will also get the type of massage you want. While you can do this with your massage therapist through sufficient explanation, it cannot be easy to describe your exact preferences aloud. In addition, you can sometimes come off as too demanding if your choices are particular. So, massage chairs allow you to do this with just a button. And when you’ve found the best type of programming for you, you can have it for as long as you’d like.



Comfort is often a private matter, and this privacy is even more enhanced when you are at home. At a spa, you will have to wait for your appointment and lie down on the same massage table that others have used.


Owning a massage chair will also save you from letting a stranger into your home to get a massage. However, most people will be concerned whether this person is trustworthy, and this diminishes the relaxation benefits that massages are supposed to bring.


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