Food and Drink Before and After Massage Therapy

Food has a significant impact on our physical and mental health. We can choose foods purely for taste, and we can choose foods that positively impact health. That said, we can also choose foods that complement a massage.


In previous articles, we have discussed at length how a massage chair can bring great improvement in the overall condition of your body, helping to reduce anxiety, stress, and pain, while improving mobility. In this article, we discuss what foods to eat and drink to get the most out of your massage. Some food and drink items help the body prepare for an upcoming massage, while others improve the effects after a massage.


Here are a few food items to eat before taking a massage:



Salmon is a rich source of Omega-3 acids which our body does not naturally produce. Therefore, it can only be obtained from the food we eat. Salmon is also a great source of protein and Vitamin B, which works to improve overall body health and heart function. Salmon also helps to reduce blood pressure. Taken 15 to 20 minutes beforehand, Salmon can be a worthy component of your pre-massage diet. (Note: Salmon can be prepared any way you like – baked or broiled with lemon, in sandwiches, etc.)



Bananas are a potassium-rich fruit that work to moderate stress levels and promote restful sleep. Bananas are also a good digestive aid, helping one to avoid stomach ulcers, constipation, and gas. Like salmon, bananas may be consumed 15 to 20 minutes before a massage session.

After you have finished your massage, here are a few things that you can consume:



Simply put, drink a lot of water. (We’ve talked about this before) Water consumption is a necessity after a soothing massage session. Water is useful in helping to flush toxins out of your body after you have had a massage. It is good practice to consume as much water as you can throughout the day because the amount of water in your body decides your level of energy. If you don’t take enough water after a massage, your massage won’t really be as effective. When you take enough water after a massage, you will maximize your physical performance, feel more motivated, and less fatigued.



Floridian Brand 4D massage chairs can deliver a higher-intensity massage session. If you enjoy high-intensity or deep tissue massage variations, you’ll benefit greatly from eating broccoli. Broccoli holds great nutritional value because it is rich in minerals and vitamins. Broccoli has antioxidants that help to reduce blood sugar, stress, blood pressure, and cholesterol levels. It contains bioactive compounds that reduce inflammation.


Now that we have discussed the benefits of salmon, bananas, and broccoli – foods to enjoy before or after a massage therapy session, let’s discuss the foods that should be avoided pre- and post-massage:


Coffee/Tea (Caffeinated Beverages)

When one consumes coffee, muscles tend to tense up. Coffee and tea can stress the nervous system, while dehydrating the body. It is imperative that your body stays hydrated after a massage, so avoid caffeinated beverages that work against hydration. Moreover, an evening massage can be a great step towards a good night’s sleep, but coffee will keep one awake and alert, reducing the calming effects of massage therapy.



While it may be tempting to have a cocktail before a soothing massage, it is better to avoid alcohol to maximize the positive effects of massage therapy. While a massage chair provides a relieving, therapeutic experience, alcohol will work against the process. Note again that massage therapy releases toxins in the body. These can interact with alcohol and reverse the effect of massage therapy. It is best practice to wait 24 hours after a massage before consuming an alcoholic beverage. Healthier alternatives are water help maintain hydration, and fruit juices that augment vitamin intake. 


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