Are Airbag Compression Massages Beneficial?

Those with a premium Floridian Brand massage chair in their home are aware of the convenience and comfort they provide – in an in-home setting. As the technologies behind massage evolve, so do the massage chairs themselves, offering more features that produce different types of massage, along with massages that perfectly mimic those given by a human massage therapist.


One such advancement in massage chair technology is the airbag, which delivers an air compression massage and works as a complement to the built-in roller mechanism.


In this article, we will discuss the airbag component of your in-home premium massage chair.


What are the Airbags in Massage Chairs?

An airbag is a bladder that can inflate and deflate according to the programming of the massage setting. A massage chair can have multiple airbags in different locations, such as the neck, shoulders, arms, calves, thighs, and ankles.


Airbags provide compression and decompression massage therapy in a massage chair. The more fundamental part of a massage chair is the roller arm where the rollers are located. However, there is a wide area where these massage rollers cannot reach. This is where airbags come into the picture. 


How Does Air Compression Massage Differ from Other Techniques?

An airbag can provide a compression massage different from kneading, rolling, or tapping. They can similarly stimulate areas through rapid inflation and deflation which can give one the massage they want in areas like your arms where a roller cannot be placed.  The airbags inflate around the area—such as your arm—and compress it.


What are the Health Benefits?

Airbags are used for air compression massage therapy. This type of therapy has many proven health benefits:


  • Improved blood circulation: By compressing and contracting different muscles, air massage therapy improves blood circulation in the body. It effortlessly pumps blood toward the heart and therefore reduces blood pressure. Moreover, when you improve blood flow, you can help an injury to heal quicker because the increased circulation helps nutrients and oxygen flow into the tissues quicker.
  • Improved lymph flow: Lymph is the fluid that keeps your body’s immunity strong. By indulging yourself in air massage therapy, you’ll improve the lymph flow in your body. Compressing tissues improves lymph flow. By stimulating the flow, the massage can minimize or decrease swelling. It can even prevent swelling from returning.
  • Muscle oxygenation: By improving blood circulation, this therapy helps the blood to get enriched with fresh oxygen. When this oxygen-enriched blood goes to your vital organs, your muscles become oxygenated and healthy. 
  • Body detoxification: Your body’s detoxification process improves with greater blood circulation and lymphatic fluid flow. 
  • Swelling Abatement: By contracting and compressing your muscles, air massage therapy removes the extra accumulations from them. It reduces swelling in different parts of your body. 
  • Airbags complement the normal massage rollers: Airbags enable the massage rollers to cover an extended area of your body. They push those muscles to the rollers’ coverage area, which would otherwise have been unreachable. 
  • Airbags help in stretching and decompression programs: Many massage chairs use airbags to perform several stretching and decompression massage programs. 


In conclusion, massage chairs are widely used worldwide by people who either have a therapeutic need or love frequent massages. Floridian Brand massage chair technology has evolved in a manner that incorporates a comprehensive airbag system that complements the advanced roller system.  Primarily, the airbag system is used to massage areas that the roller mechanism cannot reach. However, the airbag system introduces new therapies that have a positive health impact. When considering the purchase of a premium in-home massage chair, consider the type of airbag system that is incorporated to complement the roller system. Doing so will ensure that your in-home massage chair has the appropriate capabilities to deliver the therapies that you need or enjoy.


If you have any questions regarding the roller and airbag capabilities of a Floridian Brand Massage Chair, reach out to our expert staff for detailed information to satisfy your inquiry.


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