Why You Should Eat Lightly Before Massage Chair Usage

After a long day at work or after an intensive workout, having an in-home massage therapy session in your Floridian Brand massage chair can be both calming and relaxing. This article is about eating lightly before a massage session to keep things enjoyable, digestively speaking.


Many massage experts agree that consuming a minimal amount of food before a massage can be beneficial. A small amount of food can actually work to help one relax during massage therapy. That said, slipping into a massage chair after one has lapsed into a “food coma” can be a bad idea, as it disrupts the natural digestive process and can cause discomfort.


Here are some of the reasons to avoid massage chair use after a heavy meal:


Acid Reflux

Massage therapy is indeed good for digestion, but it is important to remember that the body digests food in an upright position. As one should not lie down to sleep immediately after a big meal, one should not engage in a massage therapy session that disrupts the upright position. Doing so can produce acid reflux which can cause significant discomfort.


Bloating & Heartburn 

Attempting to enjoy a massage after a big meal may also result in bloating and heartburn. As discussed, food digests in an upright position that a massage chair may disrupt. Moreover, various massage techniques may put pressure on your stomach. If the stomach is in the process of digesting a big meal, bloating and heartburn may occur.


Using a massage chair while on an empty stomach can also be risky, as massage therapy is known to help reduce blood sugar levels. That said, it is a good idea to eat the suggested foods (and eat lightly) before your massage therapy. Here are a few of the issues that may arise if one opts for a massage on an empty stomach:



An uncommon complaint of massage chair use is nausea. This typically occurs when the user opts to use the massage chair on an empty stomach. The reasoning behind this is that the smooth pressure strokes of the massage chair, combined with the tilted-back nature of the massage position may cause this discomfort. Eating minimally, and 15 to 30 minutes before a massage can help to eliminate this as a possibility.



The soothing pressure from the massage chair works to eliminate the tension from the joints of your body. This is one of the main reasons behind having an in-home massage chair. However, when a person opts for a massage on an empty stomach, it has a negative impact on the body. The soothing and therapeutic experience transforms into restlessness and discomfort.


To have a calming massage session, a person must follow a few rules to make massage therapy session more enjoyable:


1. Break Between Meal and Massage

According to health experts, a person should take between 15 and 30 minutes to break between a meal and massage therapy. This way, the body will get enough time to process the food and digest it well before the session. In following this rule, you will be able to secure all the benefits of massage therapy.


2. Small Amounts of Food

If you plan to use your massage chair after your dinner, make sure to keep your dinner light. Also, don’t forget to include lots of water to keep the body hydrated throughout. As we already know, an individual must not use the massage chair on an empty or full stomach.  The best solution is to eat a recommended food such as salmon or bananas before a massage session and remain hydrated afterward.


3. Do Not Starve 

Another vital rule that a massage chair user needs to follow is never to use a massage chair on an empty stomach. For example, if a person has not eaten food in the past 5-6 hours, he or she should not opt for massage therapy. Having a massage therapy session while starving can end in a discomforting experience. Additionally, if the massage therapy lasts more than an hour, one might feel a little sick.



Having a relaxing session by using a Floridian Brand massage chair can help relieve stress. Massage therapy can also help to rid oneself of bodily fatigue. All one must do is follow the plan outlined above to enjoy a complete massage experience.


In follow-up, a person should keep a 15–30-minute break between the meal and the massage therapy. It will help relieve and calm the body, keeping one refreshed and full of energy. Using a massage chair after having a small amount of food can help to promote peaceful sleep.


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