How Does a Floridian Brand Massage Chair Help You After a Hard Workout?

You may be wondering why you need a massage after working out. After all, isn’t exercise enough to keep you healthy and happy? It’s a well-known fact that daily exercise is essential for keeping the body in tip-top shape. Whether you like to run for miles or do a million burpees at the gym, you’re pushing your body to new heights, straining muscles, and increasing your heart rate. But what happens after your workout session? You may feel tired, sore, and tight. You just finished putting your body through an intense session, and now it needs rest and recovery.


A Floridian Brand massage chair at home can aid the recovery process by lowering your blood pressure and calming your heart rate, giving your mind and body a chance to relax for a few minutes before jumping into a new activity.



Though most of this article is about getting a chair massage after a workout, using it beforehand can be beneficial, as massages help your muscles loosen up. This can be convenient if you’re sore before going into a workout. 


You might think working out with sore muscles is an effective way to get in shape. Instead, relaxed and rejuvenated muscles tend to perform better in the gym. Therefore, feel free to use your massage chair before and after workouts. 


That’s one great thing about getting a Floridian Brand massage chair, which has a variety of settings to use. Take the time to figure out which kind of massage program helps you relax before or after a workout. Go into your next fitness regime prepared to be active and mobile. 





All those pushups, planks, and crunches take a toll on the body. Everyone has felt sore the day after a rigorous workout, and the fatigue can make you feel like laying on the couch all day. This is called Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness or DOMS, which can last multiple days.


A study backed up by the United States National Center for Biotechnology Information indicates that a massage can help combat soreness. By gently stretching post-workout, tightness melts away, and the muscles have a chance to “cool down” properly, reducing the potential for DOMS.



Whether you got injured on the field or feel sore after an intense workout, massage chairs speed up recovery time by increasing blood flow to the areas that need it. That accelerated oxygen and nutrient replenishment to cells helps your body feel and perform better in a faster time frame. Massage chairs can also keep injury at bay by helping your cells regenerate more quickly.



Limber, flexible athletes are less likely to get hurt – think about the branch that bends and sways in a storm, as opposed to the brittle branch that snaps. When muscles and joints are sore and stiff, they don’t perform optimally, making them more susceptible to ripping, tearing, or pulling. A massage chair loosens up the areas damaged by physical activity to get them back in tip-top shape before the next workout. Consistent use of massage chairs leads to better performance, as athletes increase their muscle flexibility.



The sweat produced when you work out is one of your body’s methods for getting rid of dangerous toxins. A massage chair maximizes those effects by boosting health in the lymph system, which protects the body from invading toxins. By stimulating muscles, a massage helps flush those toxins from your body, boosting your body’s immunity and speeding up your muscle’s healing after a challenging workout.



Massage chairs have several options that can target specific areas of your body for a more intense massage. If your shoulders need a little extra love, you can give them a deep-tissue massage by selecting the Neck & Shoulder program in Floridian Brand massage chair and have it last as long as you need, with just the push of a button – no appointment necessary. This convenience benefits athletes, who often need to strengthen or soothe specific muscles after a workout.



Between the sun and sweat, an athlete’s skin takes a beating during workouts. During a game, athletes are often out in the sun for hours; even with sunscreen, those ultraviolet rays have a substantial effect. The heat of those rays, combined with intense physical activity, leads to a lot of salty sweat through your pores. Massage therapy can improve the health of your body’s largest organ – your skin – through increased circulation. The influx of oxygen to your cells helps to regenerate new ones throughout your body, sending repair and relief to your skin cells.



There’s a scientific reason a good massage leaves you feeling so happy – endorphins. Massage therapy helps release the natural “happy” hormones, hormones that not only make you emotionally happy but also ease soreness and tired muscles. Over-the-counter medication may feel adequate, but it only masks the symptoms of common pains. Massage therapy gets to the problem’s source for optimal healing.



We don’t have to convince you that training is hard work. In addition to physical fatigue, athletic training can take a mental toll, too. Athletes must consciously set aside time to relax their muscles and minds, and a massage chair is a convenient way to accomplish this. All Floridian Brand massage chair models come with Bluetooth surround sound speakers and have heat features that elevate the effects of your massage experience. It’s important to keep your mind clear and your emotions balanced so that you can keep your head in the game when you step onto the field.



Once you’ve broken down the muscle tissue with intense exercise, it needs to repair itself, but when exactly does the body do this? During sleep. This means that quality of sleep is crucial to achieving your fitness goals. Massage can minimize muscle tension and promote relaxation, allowing you to get the restful sleep you need.



Exercise is good for you, but how you care for your body in between workouts determines your ultimate athletic achievements. Investing in a Floridian Brand massage chair is a convenient and comprehensive way to take advantage of benefits like muscle repair, increased blood flow, heightened relaxation, and even strong immunity. Once you start giving your muscles the care they need between each training session, you’ll notice the positive difference in your workouts and performance.


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