Important Things to Do Before & After A Massage Chair Session

Massage therapy is known for its countless wondrous effects on your body and mind. When stressed and tired from work, using a massage chair helps you relax, rejuvenate, and replenish your energy. If you’re suffering from muscle knots and body pains, it can alleviate the cause. 


When it comes to getting a massage, you should always know what to expect and the proper aftercare methods to ensure you reap all the potential long-term benefits of your session.  To help maximize how a massage session impacts your body, we are covering what to do before and after each massage session and why it is essential. Read on and get the most from your next massage experience.



Using your massage chair when dehydrated can make you feel light-headed or nauseous. This is because your body removes extra waste during the treatment, and your lymphatic system does that work. To flush out the toxins, you need water, so having the appropriate supply is necessary. However, don’t drink too much or 30 minutes beforehand, so you won’t need to urinate during the treatment.


For the same reason, you should also drink water after massage chair sessions. What you supplied to your body before the treatment may have already been depleted. To ensure that you can best remove the toxins from your body, keep yourself hydrated. Note that this is only for water, not just any consumable liquid. Drinking coffee, alcohol, soda, and other sugary drinks can have the opposite effect.



Your muscles need to be prepared for the massage to boost their capability to absorb the benefits of the treatment. Taking a warm bath can help with that. Doing so can aid in relaxing your body so it’s in the optimal state for the treatment. You can also take this time to relieve mental stress to focus more on the massage later. Besides, taking a bath before using your massage chair is simply hygienic.


Try taking a warm bath if you want to extend your relaxation after the massage chair session. You can add calming bath salts like Epsom to enhance the soothing sensation. After the treatment, you may also feel sweaty and sticky, and bathing is a great way to prevent bacteria buildup. However, don’t do this immediately after you get off your massage chair, as this can cause muscular tension.



Using a massage chair for pre-workout or post-workout therapy can be beneficial in preparing your body and preventing or relieving tension. For example, stretch and yoga massage programs can increase the elasticity of your muscles. As a result, the risk of straining or injuring your body because of poor flexibility is reduced. However, it would help if you didn’t start exercising immediately afterward to give your muscles time to adjust.


Likewise, using your massage chair can do more harm than good if you just finished working out. After doing intense exercises, your muscles may feel tensed and stiff. Further stimulating your soft tissues by getting a massage can worsen the tension and eventually develop into chronic pains. The treatment can only help relieve stiffness caused by working out after adequate rest.



The most crucial factor for a practical massage session is to have a suitable massage chair model. It’s not only about keeping yourself hydrated, preparing your body, and not over-exerting your muscles. You can’t have the best experience with a poor-quality massage chair. Therefore, consider a Floridian Brand Massage Chair for your daily wellness sessions to aid you in your journey to achieving your health goals.


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