Auto Program & Manual Program in Massage Chairs

In the backs of each Floridian Brand massage chair features a premium SL track, which imitates the movements of human hands, and performs specific massage techniques. Differing features, such as airbag massage, leg massage, and built-in massage techniques form automatic programs that the user can choose from and operate.

When buying a massage chair, people often ask how many automatic programs the chair offers and what kind of massage techniques are available in the manual program.  In this article, we will be discussing Auto Program and Manual Program in detail.


There are specially prepared, ready-made automatic programs in each massage chair, which make it easier to enjoy the massage. These are created to take advantage of the specific features of the massage chair. With just the push of a button – and without the need for additional settings – they provide you with relaxing massage. Automatic programs are pre-programmed massage cycles that combine all the functions available in a particular model in the right combination and intensity. They adjust the massage technique, the pressure of the airbags, and add the roller massage.

There are two common classifications of automatic programs: One is focused on overall wellness conditions, such as recovery program, stretching program, and sleep program. The other type of auto program is focused on targeted body area, such as neck and shoulder, and back and waist.

Floridian Brand premium massage chairs are built with a multitude of different auto-programs for the user’s convenience and comfort. For example, the Floridian Origin 4D Plus features 16 sets of auto massage programs (5 of the programs have built-in music), as well as an adjustable massage mechanism with up to 42 levels (customizable speed and intensity). The Floridian Expert 4D Plus offers 11 sets of auto programs (3 of the programs have built-in music), as well as adjustable massage mechanism with up to 42 levels. The Floridian Titan 4D features 12 auto programs, as well as an adjustable massage mechanism with up to 36 levels. Both Floridian Galaxy 2D and 4D models offer 10 auto programs, and the Galaxy 4D features an adjustable massage mechanism with up to 36 levels. Our Floridian Champion 2D features 8 different auto programs.


Manual massage programs can deliver customizable massage techniques that allow the user to target a specific sore area. In short, one can personalize their own massage session. For example, if one only desires a foot massage, one can use a manual program to make this happen. In this example, the user disables the back massage mechanism and selects only the foot and calf mechanism as desired. As another example, if one experiences unbearable lower back pain, one can manually move the message roller location to target the specific spot to massage. Common manual massage techniques include kneading, tapping, knocking, clapping and shiatsu. One can also adjust the intensity and speed during manual massage program to one’s comfort.

We are proud to say that Floridian Brand massage chairs all offer manual program on each model for the users who want to have more control of their in-home massage sessions.

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