Use A Massage Chair After A Back Surgery?

Any kind of back surgery, even minimally invasive surgery, is hard on your body. After a successful surgery, you want to heal and get back to your everyday life as quickly as possible. Most people who undergo back surgery learn the recovery basics from their surgeon:


  • Rest, then exercise a little bit at a time
  • Have patience, and don’t overdo it
  • Take pain medicine as prescribed
  • Maintain a positive attitude


But more and more, the medical community is touting the health benefits of massage therapy as one piece of your back surgery recovery. Massage stimulates your blood flow, which speeds up the healing process. Besides, it makes you feel good, even if you get a massage on your extremities like your head, hands, arms, legs, and feet. Here are the benefits of why you should use a massage chair after the back surgery:



It’s natural to feel slight discomfort or pain even if a month or two has passed since the surgery. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean you shouldn’t do anything about it.


Pain killers might help, but there’s only so much they can do. If you’re already in a condition fit for a massage, you should receive the treatment. In no time, you’ll feel better and be able to rest more comfortably, which is what your body needs.



Since you can’t move around much after the surgery, you may have problems with your range of motion once you’re healed. The scar tissues and guarding muscles around the incision area may add to your stiffness. Doing light stretches with your premium Floridian massage chair can help with this. The treatment increases the temperature of your muscles and keeps them stimulated, increasing their elasticity.



The discomfort and pain and changes in your lifestyle after the back surgery could cause increased stress levels. When recovering from any operation, you must maintain a positive attitude. After all, sleeping is essential for healing. If you’re stressed, your mind won’t be able to rest, and you can’t sleep well. This could interfere with your recovery and slow it down.


Cortisol is the hormone responsible for making you feel stressed and anxious. During the treatment, the brain promotes the release of dopamine, endorphin, and oxytocin. 


These neurohormones produce feelings of calmness, happiness, and contentment, reducing cortisol. Therefore, a quick and gentle massage chair session can help decrease your stress levels.



Massage doesn’t only make you feel better and lowers the chances of worsening your condition. It also has proven effects in speeding up recovery from surgeries. Frequent massage reduces the barriers that slow down healing, including removing waste products in the lymphatic system, breaking down collagen fibers, and increasing oxygenation.


While massage may not completely heal your post-surgery problems, it can lessen your suffering. The best you can aim for is to recover faster. That way, you can go back to your daily life without feeling uncomfortable or in pain every time you move. Then again, use your massage chair responsibly. Don’t insist if your doctor advises you against it. Also, be patient, regardless of how long it takes for your body to heal fully.



While you can’t jump right from the operating table to the massage chair, it’s generally safe to begin massage sessions once your external incision point has healed fully. You may even find that a massage feels so good that you continue using Floridian Brand Massage Chair even after your back surgery recovery is complete.


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