Beginner Tips With Massage Chairs – Why Does It Hurt?

In the United States, particularly in the fitness world, the saying is “no pain, no gain.” There is a perceived relationship between the aches we feel after a workout and the results gained. It is common for people to think that the sorer they feel, the better and faster the results will be. This is dangerous thinking and often makes many people push themselves to their breaking point. Moreover, this thinking is not helpful for actual progress – particularly when it comes to massage chairs: A session in your massage chair does not hurt; it should relieve pain.


So, what could be causing the pain you’re experiencing in your massage chair when you take it home, especially after the first few sessions? There are various reasons why you might experience some discomfort and soreness despite a wonderfully executed massage session. This article dives into the causes behind this first-time use pain.



This is one of the most common reasons your body might feel sore after sitting on a massage chair and choosing any of its pre-programmed massage sessions. If you’re not accustomed to getting a massage on a massage chair, your body will make you feel its reaction.


Like the feeling one may experience when starting a new exercise routine, playing a sport after a hiatus, or enduring a strenuous activity for some, one’s body may feel like muscles are tired and sore after one’s very first massage session. It is common to experience this feeling for two to three more sessions, as your body is conditioned to massage therapy from a massage chair.


Massage chairs, like the massage therapists in your favorite spa, use its rollers and track system (as well as its built-in compression airbags) to work tirelessly on your body’s tense muscles. And if this is your first time, your muscles (especially those that have been lying dormant for a while now) will respond in the form of inevitable and unwanted pain.



Did you know that there are steps you should take both before and after a massage session, whether in person or in a chair? Drinking water is one of these steps and is also the most important.


Massage therapy, regardless of whether you’re lying on a table in a spa or getting on from your own shiatsu massage chair, assists in flushing out toxins from your body. And what do you need to get those released toxins from your muscles and bloodstream out of your body? Water.


What happens when you are dehydrated and didn’t drink enough water before your first massage session in your chair? You get a buildup of toxins that can lead to aches and pains all over your body. What’s the fast and simple fix? Make sure you drink lots of water, not just following your session in your new chair but, equally importantly, before sitting down and enjoying a full body massage.



Have you ever gone directly to a run or sprint without any warm-up or stretching? If so, you’d probably be one of the many that were sore after that run. The same is true with a first-time massage session in your chair, particularly when your muscles have been tied up in knots and have stayed tense over a long period.


For this reason, hot stones, saunas, and warm towels are popular just before a massage at the spa. The warmth not only soothes tensed muscles but also assists them in loosening up and increases muscle flexibility before they get worked on to break up adhesions and knots.


So, what else can you do that constitutes a warm-up? Similarly, when you’re getting ready for your first session in your massage chair, you should consider selecting a gentler massage setting before diving straight into intense deep tissue styles and consider using any heating function present to warm up your muscles for the first few minutes. It would help if you also stretched before and after.



A massage chair is meant for the healing of the body. But, many people damage their muscles by excessive use of a massage chair. Excessive use may lead to bruises of tissue, muscle damage, and inflammation.


Our generalized recommendation of how frequently you should use your massage chair is to enjoy your massage armchair twice a day, from 15 to 20 minutes per use.



The primary purpose of a massage is to achieve relaxation and pain relief. But most people don’t just rely on massage; they take medicines. It leads to complications and false feedback. For example, if you are taking a pain killer, it will change your usual perception of pain. You may think you can go for deeper pressure because it seems comfortable. But, by setting up a high program level, you could make yourself prone to injury and bruises.



Massage therapy can give tremendous benefits, such as stress relief and freedom from constant and nagging muscular pain. However, it is also possible that your first time on your massage chair may cause you to feel pain. When this happens, you can investigate several aspects, such as whether or not your body is used to getting worked up to release muscular tension. You can also consider dehydration and not having enough warm-up as the culprits behind the pain.


Overall, so long as there are no other serious and underlying conditions, the temporary pain is part of your body’s process of adjusting to the massage chair’s work on your tissues and muscles.


At Floridian Brand, our experts can help match you with a chair that perfectly meets your unique therapeutic needs. We are also here to provide you with in-home instructions and training upon delivery as part of our commitment to customer service to help you find your best suitable massage chair program.


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