Massage Chair Durability – 5 Things To Consider Before Buying

Massage chairs consist of several moving parts, computer components, and wiring, so it is possible that things can go wrong. Considering how much money you might spend on the chair, you will want a durable one.


You will probably use your chair frequently, so make sure you get a resilient, heavy-duty chair. Even if you may have to pay more for a durable chair, consider it a quality investment. It is always better to buy a reliable and solid chair the first time than to regret buying a cheap and passable one that quickly needs to be replaced.


When making such a sizable purchase, it’s essential to consider the durability of the product you choose and its functionality. But how can you tell if the chair you are buying is built to last? What do you look for?



All commercial motors have an MTF or Mean Time Failure Rate. The MTF among massage chairs varies significantly. Motors in inexpensive massage chairs might have MTF ratings in the 150-300 hours range, while premium Floridian Massage Chairs incorporate commercial-grade motors that can have MTF ratings as high as 10,000 hours.


The small motor in the footrest of armchairs tends to be the first to wear out. Typically, this is because small children enjoy sitting on the chair’s footrest during vibration, and it is not intended to hold a child’s weight. Extend the durability of your massage chair by following the manufacturer’s instructions.





Your chair should be made from quality materials. While genuine leather may be the best possible fabric for a recliner, a massage chair’s fabric will be exposed to heat, friction, and interior motion. Synthetic materials are more durable for a long-lasting massage chair. They are made to withstand years of wear and tear. 


With “normal” use, the fabric material should last 5-10 years on Floridian Massage Chairs. This could also depend on environmental properties such as humidity, exposure to sunlight, and extremely high or low heat. We always recommend you place your massage chair in a location that avoids direct sunlight, as this will extend both the lifespan and appearance of the fabric.



The air compressors supply the forced air to fill bladders in the arms, back, legs, or feet to create the squeezing function, which helps circulation in the body. Typically these air compressors are very durable, especially if more than one is in a chair. But over time, they can become noisy, which is a sign of potential problems as this may signal that the compressor is failing or losing pressure. As in many topics already touched on, the lifespan of the air compressor in your Floridian Brand Massage Chair at around the 6-7 year mark, or never goes out at all.



Examining the warranty offered by a massage chair company is one place to begin. Be wary of inexpensive chairs offering ten-year warranties or more. You may find it difficult to contact the manufacturer of such as chair once it breaks.


A typical warranty for a good massage chair will be a three to five-year limited manufacturer’s warranty. In Floridian Brand, we stand behind our customers and are confident with our products by delivering high-quality U.S.-based service and support, along with our 5-year residential limited warranty. This warranty exclusively covers the manufacturer’s defects, including the structure frames, massage rollers, motors, boards, consoles, belts, and power supply, with a 100% replacement guarantee.



It’s a good idea to stick with familiar brand names and to read customer reviews and testimonials before making a purchase. Floridian Brand has built our reputation over the years and strives to provide each customer with the highest quality products and services.


five star review



The most common things on a massage chair breaking are those bumps and bruises that can happen during delivery. Because they are bulky and heavy, massage chairs are often shipped in a box on the pallet to be moved easily from the warehouse to the delivery truck. Still, some carriers are more careful than others, and massage chairs might get bumped – or in the worst cases, dropped to the ground too hard.


So, believe it or not, the most common problems in a massage chair – about 90% of the cases we’ve seen – can be traced back to either shipping issues or improper installation in the home. Fortunately, these are virtually always covered in the Floridian Brand warranty, so not a cost for the consumer.



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