What should a massage chair cost?

An in-home massage chair is a sizeable purchase and like other big-ticket buys, one will inquire about the short-term and long-term value, so as not to experience “buyers’ remorse.” Again, like other big-ticket items, it is helpful to do your own research before making any sort of commitment. This article will help run some numbers to determine the real cost of ownership while considering the value of a personal, luxury massage chair.


What Are You Presently Paying For Personal Massage?

Those looking to acquire an at-home massage chair are accustomed to regular visits to a masseuse along with other professionals that will assist with personal massage and relaxation needs. Depending on your frequency of massage and related therapeutics, as well as your physical geography, it is common to realize a $100-$150 (or more) weekly expenditure for those needs.


As we spread this weekly expense over a calendar year, realized out-of-pocket costs can be between $5,000 and $8,000 per year for those services. Less frequency will lower the annual out-of-pocket costs in this example. Nonetheless, this annual outlay may surprise you.


Massage Chair Cost And Value Comparison

By comparison, a top-quality massage chair with the latest in options and features will be priced in a similar range (read: between $6,000 and $10,000 total). From a cost standpoint massage chair ownership will likely pay for itself within the first year.


Personal Massage Chair Ownership Also Addresses THREE Areas Of Stress-Free Comfort

  • Availability / Accessibility – No waiting in traffic, cancellations, reminders, parking, etc.

  • Frequency – Schedule your wellness around YOUR NEEDS, not the time-of-day, volume of traffic, or another’s schedule.
  • Flexibility and Ease of Use – Control, customize and store all of your personal preferences in order to receive a precision massage each time you are seated.  


More Value Considerations

Our goal is to eliminate stress, not create it. Floridian Brand strives to take buyer’s remorse out of the equation entirely. We stand behind our corporate mission to inspire whole-body-wellness for the entire family. We offer:

  • Absolutely Risk-Free, In-home trial.
  • Unbeatable 5-year extended warranty.
  • White Glove delivery and assembly on ALL models.
  • 100% U.S. based service and support from our certified technicians.
  • We are family owned. Our family to yours.


Floridian Brand is pleased to provide stress-free financing options for each of our massage chair offerings. With  0% interest rate financing program, even the top massage chairs will cost you less than $250 per month. How amazing is that!


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